How do you change settings on Facebook?

There isn’t a single day when Facebook users skip to check their Facebook account. Facebook is the leading social networking website; which doesn’t need any introduction. The users are not very much familiar with the different settings and how to change them. This is really needed; we are discussing the Facebook - Editing Your Settings tips and tricks for you.


How to find Facebook settings?

The first thing is, you should know how to reach up to Facebook account settings. Your Facebook account has various sections and their respective settings are available. You will find the Settings from the drop down button in the top right corner of your Facebook screen. There you will have General, Security, Privacy, Blocking, Language and Timeline & Tagging settings. You can and change them according to your choice.


Facebook Password settings to create strong password

Your Facebook account can be easily compromised or hack, if the password you are using is weaker. You need to create a strong password which should be 6 characters long, with a decent combination of upper case/lower case and special characters. You should avoid using a definite name, verb or your birthday/anniversary, which is easy to guess.

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Email notifications settings

Facebook works smartly and gives you instant notifications for your Facebook account activities. You will stay updated; even you are not login to your Facebook account. You can define that what should notify to you and by which manner. You can easily define it from notifications section of your Facebook account’s settings. If you deleted your Facebook account or don’t have any more, you can opt out for Facebook notifications by unsubscribing it.


Language settings

We always feel comfortable in our native language; and when it comes about Facebook, we would love to see it in our prefer language. The Facebook Language settings is a wonderful option to define different language for its different sections.

·         Show Facebook in this language – Your Facebook will be in this language

·         Which languages do you understand – You can define your language preferences; you can limit your posts

·         What language do you want stories to be translated into – Your Post and comments will be translated in this language if not in your prefer language

·         Which languages do you not want automatically translated – You can define that your post/comments won’t translate if in that particular language

·         Show Facebook in this language if your first language is not available – You can define your preferred language for your Facebook account; but it is not available then your 2nd preferred language will be there

These are the basic settings of your Facebook account which you can easily alter using the Settings option of your account. If needed, you can call the Facebook technical support team for any help .

Eamil Support Contact  - Toll Free Numebr - 1-800-969-1417
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